Can anyone help me with this font?


Can anyone help me find this font? It’s from a tattoo from a friend of mine and she wants to make another one with the same font. I did my best to somewhat up the contrast so you can see it more clearly. I’ve tried whatthefont but the image was too blurry for it to make something out of it and in order for me to use identifont I would have to know every single letter from the family. For all I know it’s an outlined calligraphy/script/handwritten italic font, but maybe anyone on here can tell me if there is any font out there that may look like this one. Anything would help.

Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s vaguely similar to Champignon or English Script. I googled “script font for tattoo” and looked at the images. There are thousands! That’s where I suggest you start looking.