BLACKOUT FONT from Font Squirrel

Hey everyone.

Recently, I installed the font, BLACKOUT from Font Squirrel.
BLACKOUT 2AM displays just fine in InDesign, but BLACKOUT Midnight is listed in the
font pane as BLACKOUT Regular and doesn’t display. Has anyone else run into this problem?
I’m on a PC using Indesign v16.4.3

UPDATE: I now have both fonts reading properly in the InDesign pane. Now, however, Blackout Midnight displays properly as you type each character (as it was doing) and Blackout Midnight
displays as a knockout (same as 2am font) AND when a character is typed, it does not match the
key that is typed. Example: Type the letter “M” and “B” appears. Type the letter “V” and “H” appears. That’s pretty weird.

I can use the Glyphs panel to help with this. However, the letter still appears as a reverse character (white letter within a black box) instead of a positive version. Thanks for any feedback.



I’m not seeing that, and both fonts behave normally. M is M, B is B. Same with H and V.

Ok. Thanks Michael. Now, the Midnight version is not showing up at all.
But, that’s ok. I can convert to outlines and make some workarounds.