Berling Antiqua installation problem

I would like to use the beautiful Berling Antiqua (a variant of the Antikva published in 1952) in Windows 10.
Unluckily the available TTF font family (downloadable for free form many font repositories) seems to have a problem: the four usual styles are available (regular, italic, bold and bold-italic), but the bold and italic styles try to overwrite the regular one when installing: so I always end up with only two styles to the font family.
It seems that both the italic and the bold styles have a wrong style attribute, making Windows interpret the as regular style fonts.
Is it possible to change this attribute within the “wrong” ttf fonts? and how?

Thank you in advance for your help.

The legality of these as free fonts is really questionable. For example, the licensing text here seems to indicate it’s a paid font:

I’d recommend purchasing a license for Berling if you want better quality control on the fonts.

Dear Joe,

I’d have no problem in purchasing a license, if I knew where to purchase it from: the link in the license tab of directs to a dead page.

I have looked elsewhere and found nothing useful. Berling by Linotype/Monotype is not the same font (e.g. the glyphs for the numerals are substantially different); other repositories have but a copy of the same font, without indications for purchasing (and with no guarantee of a working font family).

Any help would be really appreciated.


As best I can tell, Berling Antiqua was originally shipped with Microsoft Reader. As you said, it’s a digitization of a design done in the 1950s by Karl Erik Forsberg. It’s quite possible there’s no commercial version of this font available for purchase and you might be stuck using a different digitization of that design that is available.

If it were me, I would shy away from using a font with as questionable legality as the Berling Antiqua from those sites you’re looking at. I see nothing that leads me to believe it’s meant to be a free font.