Bebas alternatives?

Can anyone say which font is it? I checked condensed fonts like Oswald, Bebas Neue but it did not match. Plz suggest some great condensed fonts like this sample

A very close, but not exact, match is Nimbus Sans Condensed, by URW and free on many sites. Nimbus is a Helvetica look-alike, and there are many (that are not Univers, like Folio, Venus, Free Sans, TeX Gyre). In your sample, the R shows the distinctive curved vertical leg with a square terminal, and the G has as beard that is cut at an angle. In Nimbus Sans Condensed, the G is curved and the beard is cut straight. Small variations like that.

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Thank you for your reply. I liked Nimbus Sans Condensed

Hey, Antonio is also close. But there is no “R” like attached. This is a tough one to find or maybe a custom one