Arrowhead Water Bottle Font

This is from an Arrowhead water bottle. Any corrosion you see is from the fuzzy image, not the text.

That looks like garden-variety Helvetica Narrow.

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I went to the whole Helvetica┬« Pro family and didnÔÇÖt see anything that matched. I looked at Helvetica┬« Pro Bold Condensed, Helvetica┬« Pro Narrow Bold, Helvetica┬« Pro Compressed, Helvetica┬« Pro Extra Compressed, and even Helvetica┬« Pro Ultra Compressed, but none of them fit the picture. Thanks, though. I find this font on most labels where it says the weight of the product in ounces.

Nimbus Sans Novus is very close, too.

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Yes, it is. Thanks for your time, because this has been driving me nuts.