A Good Serif Font

I’m looking for a good high legibility serif font. Know any?:thinking:

OH, thousands. I’ll list a few I like and use lot. You can add any characteristics and qualifiers that are important to you.

My favorites:

Apollo (by Frutiger, and better than Palatino for long text, i.e., book work)
Cheltenham (high x-height)
Century Nova (good for flyers and short work, and also for books)
Constantia (reminds me of Perpetua)

Occasionally used:
Bodoni (I used it for a journal back in the 90s, but since then, not; I like Electra better as a Didone-ish font)
Fontin (by Jos Buivenga, who makes great fonts)
Bernhard Modern (low x-height)
Cochin (very dissimilar italic, which looks like a cursive hand)

Tried and true, but I tend not to use them
Garamond (Adobe, not ITC)
And everybody’s whipping boy, Times

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Thank you so much for the list!
Luckily, I already have Constantia and, of course, Times.

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try Ravensara
if you can’t find them i can give you links

Thank you so much! I’ve found the links, so don’t worry.

Take a look at Century Schoolbook set 10 on 13. Has a great x-height (letters aren’t skinny)…