A font-related treasure hunt

Hi folks.

My dad and I are working through a font-related treasure hunt. The image I’ve attached includes instructions for the next stage, written in a font I can’t identify.

I’m guessing that the hunt designer moved the characters so close they overlap to make the font difficult to identify using online tools.

Does anyone have any thoughts about decoding the passage?

Thanks much.

@CMSmith -​ although I am unsure of what font was used for this image, I do think that I may have discovered the script/language being used - if that would be helpful for what you need…

Try to see if the language is Telugu​.
I hope this may be useful for your treasure hunt!

But my gut feeling is that it’s Arabic.

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This text is set in the font Voynich, which is a replica of the writing in the undeciphered Voynich manuscript, a 240-page vellum codex from the 15th century. The contents include sections on plants, astronomical or astrological information, and other topics.