Who recognizes this font?

This font is used by a machine to print entry tickets. I found Letter Gothic Std Bold to be the most similar, but there are still differences, for instance in the letters ‘j’ and ‘J’…


Here’s an extra sample. Might help!

Finding an exact match is going to be pretty tough, as this font is likely installed on the printer and not a font you could use on your computer.

Check out this list, there may be something there that would work:

Thank you! I haven’t found the exact font through this, but there are more similar-looking fonts that may help me move forward.

That looks like the thermal printer font used by Epson in its point-of-sale printers (i.e., receipt printers). Here is such a receipt. Note the lowercase l and i have a top serif but not a bottom serif. There are many other points of similarity.