IndustriaLux logo font

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a font used in the IndustriaLux tables plaques:


Link to more pictures

I tried making a vectorization of it, but it came out poorly so font matchers don’t return the results I’d like.

If anybody has any ideas, I’d be very thankful, the font has to match closely, particularly the A D S and X letters, but the L and R with the tails are not so important.

Also, the stenciling effect does not matter.

Thanks in advance,

Dauphine Alternates is very close, but there are a few small discrepancies. The cap I has serifs in the logo but not in the font, and the L has a swash lower leg in the logo but not in the font. Other than that, the font looks like the source for the logo.

Wow, that was fast. Thank you so much!