Help with this one. I've seen it long ago

The Y’s are slightly different, which would lead me to believe this may not be a font.

What’s the source?

This is a bad scan of a logo. It was printed silver on black. You may be right it could be a logo type, but the client swears it was a typeset… I do vaguely do remember seeing it in long time ago, maybe 75-80’s when scifi and futuristic fonts were the rage … but its also a stencil face, so it could of been used with a branding iron or similar application…

It looks like the font Abduction (Regular) or (Oblique). Scan is a bit hard to tell.

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Thank-you. That was bang on. Rich Gast, GreyWolf WebWorks. I don’t know if he was inspired by an earlier font design, but it looks like he created the first TT version around about 1998…