Font used on Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro

Hi all,

I’ve googled a couple of hours and used some Apple related fora. I can’t find the answer anywhere. I would like to know which font is used on the Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro. First I thought it was San Fransisco but the Q and G on the Smart Keyboard look smaller.

Does anyone recognise this font?

Thank you in advance.

I’m known for asking difficult questions. :blush:
Hopefully there’s someone who knows the answer.

Apple has been using Vag Rounded for their keyboards.

You rock Brent! Thank you so much.

It has been brought to my attention the Vag Rounded was wrong. Apple has been recently been moving to the San Fransico font. You can tell the difference in the “R”

I just came back to this post to tell you it wasn’t the right one. I noticed a difference in the K. My first thought as I mentioned in my first post was San Fransisco. I will try it again. Thank you for coming back to me.